First impressions are important

Sampling is an often undervalued link in our great supply chain. Some may think sampling is as simple as stabbing a couple of bags with a trier, but sampling is so much more than that. Sampling requires stratified plans, specific techniques, expertise, proper equipment, and of course the assurance of absolutely no bias, adulteration, or conflict of interest.

Since we understand many of our customers are in the business of assuming risk we always stress never to substitute quality for convenience when it comes to sampling. While it is convenient to have a warehouse or forklift driver draw a sample is it really in your best interest? As an arrival sample of coffee is more often than not the basis of a five figure decision one would think that a first impression couldn't be any more important. With a significant amount of resources invested in your product would it be wise to trust someone with limited knowledge of said product, little to no sample training, or lack of proper tools and equipment to diagnose and properly sample a five figure investment? Risk mitigation doesn't end when your product enters storage, it is only the beginning.

HRSI is a certified and licensed sampler of coffee with over 30 years of experience in the industry and when it comes to the importation of various commodities it is our job to help mitigate many of the potential risks that your product may face by putting it under the microscope and examining it with the utmost scrutiny. We constantly lend our knowledge to our customers to provide them with the best visibility possible. Let us turn your product into its truest representative form, and give it the voice to speak for itself whether it be in the grading room or on the cupping table.

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Proper Sampling Helps Your Bottom Line.

ICE Certified Master Sampler

SCA Certified for Green Coffee

SCA Certified for Sensory 

Licensed Q Grader


Professional Sample Prep Speaks Volumes About Your Product.


Samples are hermetically sealed to protect from

any potential contaminants


All Sample Bags are resealable allowing samples to

be revisited without exposure to open air